3PCS Reed Switch 2*14

3PCS Reed Switch 2*14

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3PCS Reed Switch 2*14

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Product Description

  • Product Name : Reed Switch;
  • Model : MKA-10110;
  • Contact Type : SPST (Form A);
  • Max. Contact Rating : 10W;
  • Max. Switching Voltage : DC100V
  • Min. Breakdown Voltage : DC 220V;
  • Max. Switching Current : 0.5A;
  • Max. Carry Current : 1.0A;
  • Max. Initial Contact Resistance : 100m?;
  • Min. Insulation Resistance : 1010?
  • Operate time : 0.4ms;
  • Bounce time : 0.4ms;
  • Release time : 0.1ms;
  • Resonant Frequency : 4000Hz;
  • Max. Operating Frequency : 500Hz
  • Pull in Value : 10-15AT;
  • Min. Drop out Value : 5AT;
  • Max. Contact Capacitance : 0.7pF;
  • Test Coil Resistance : 870?;
  • Glass Tube Size (Approx.) : 1.7 x 9.8mm/ 0.067" x 0.385"(D*L)
  • Lead Terminal Size(Approx.) : 0.3 x 16mm/ 0.011" x 0.63"(D*L)(Each Side);
  • Total Length (Approx.) : 41.6mm/ 1.639";
  • Color : Gold Tone, Green;
  • Weight : 3g;


Dry reed pipe specification parameter table:

Glass Length14 mm
Glass Diameter2 mm
The Total Length45 mm
The Contact FormA
Max. Switching Voltage300 VDC
Min. Breakdown Voltage150 VDC
Max. Contact Rating10 w
Max. The Switching Current0.55 A
Max. Operate time0.45 ms
Bounce time0.25 ms
Max. Release time0.35 ms
Resonant Frequency5000 HZ
Max. The Operating Frequency400 HZ
Pull in the ValueAT 20-70.
Min. Drop out the Value4 the AT
Max. Contact Capacitance0.5 pF
Electrical Life50-10 mvmuA - 1 x106


Dry reed pipe is short for dry reed pipe, is a passive electronic switch components of contact, it has a simple structure, small size is easy to control etc, and the shell is usually a sealed glass tube, the tube is equipped with two elastic reeds iron panels, poured a rhodium metal inert gas.At ordinary times, two of the glass tube made of special material is made of reeds are separated.When magnetic material near the glass tube, under the action of magnetic field lines, two reed tube been magnetized and attracted to each other contact, reed will suck together, so that nodes connect circuit is connected.Magnetic force disappears, two reeds due to the elasticity of itself apart, line is disconnected.Therefore, as a signal of the magnetic fields to control circuit switching device, with a dry reed pipe can be used as a sensor, is used to count, spacing and so on, in the security system is mainly used for making door magnetic, magnetic window), but also are widely used in all kinds of communications equipment.In practice, usually with a permanent magnet control this two pieces of metal on it or not, so is also known as "magnetron.

Dry reed pipe features and application:

1, the dry reed pipe structure is compact, the weight is small, can be installed in very limited space, very suitable for device miniaturization.

2, the switch of the dry reed pipe components be gas-tight seal in an inert gas atmosphere, will never contact with the external environment, long working life.

3, dry reed pipe without using sliding element, so will not appear in all the metals relegated metal fatigue phenomenon, to ensure that, in fact, no limit of the machine service life.

4, magnetic reed switch on the phone, program-controlled switches, duplicating machines, washing machines, refrigerators, camera, disinfect cupboard, door magnetic, magnetic window, electromagnetic relays, electronic instruments, level meter, gas meter, water meter and so on all obtained the very good application.

Dry reed pipe using the matters needing attention:

1, shearing or bending the dry reed pipe must be extremely careful when the lead foot, so as not to impose undue stress and make the glass to metal seal is damaged.The appropriate clamping tools must be used

2, meet the temperature and too long exposure time could lead to the glass to metal seal damage, cracking, leakage, etc.), so a rapid and reliable welding technique must be used (process).Manual welding welding conditions for advice: 280 ~ 300 ° C, wave soldering between 250 and 300  



  • Nome del prodotto: interruttore reed; modello: mka-10110; tipo di contatto: spst( sotto forma di una); max. Contattare rating: 10w; max. Tensione di commutazione: dc100v
  • Min. Tensione di rottura: dc 220v; max. Corrente di commutazione: 0.5a; max. Trasportare corrente: 1.0a; max. Iniziale resistenza di contatto: 100m?; min. Resistenza di isolamento: 1010?
  • Tempo di funzionamento: 0.4ms; tempo di rimbalzo: 0.4ms; tempo di rilascio: 0.1ms; frequenza di risonanza: 4000hz; max. Frequenza operativa: 500hz
  • Tirare a valore: 10-15at; min. Drop out valore: 5at; max. Contatto capacitivo: 0.7pf; test di resistenza della bobina: 870?; tubo di vetro dimensioni( di ca.): x 1.7 9.8mm/0.067" x 0.385"( d*l)
  • Piombo terminale di dimensioni( di ca.): 0.3 x 16mm/0.011" x 0.63"( d*l)( ciascuna parte); lunghezza totale( di ca.): 41.6mm/1.639"; color: tono oro, verde peso;: 3g;


Abbiamo disponibili datasheet di tutti i componenti, qualora non fosse presente nella scheda download del prodotto inviaci un messaggio dal modulo contattaci e lo pubblicheremo il prima possibile nel nostro sito.

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3PCS Reed Switch 2*14

3PCS Reed Switch 2*14

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